The Indoor Earth Journey

It all started with the purchase of a Monstera Deliciosa in 2015. One plant became two, two became three, and three became a jungle. If you ask any plant lover, they will probably tell you the same story of how their passion became a healthy obsession.

As plant lovers, we treat each plant like it was our own baby. Every new leaf brings joy, even root rot brings tears, and every spring means more plants (okay, not entirely like a baby)! Similar to a baby- we not only love and care for them, but we also want them to look their best by dressing them up! Why ruin a beautiful plant by letting them sit in the plastic growing pot that they came with? Don’t be afraid to pair a beautiful Fiddle Fig with a mid century modern plant stand. Elevate that Devil’s Ivy with a macrame hanger and let those gorgeous leaves cascade down like a majestic waterfall. Mix and match!

This is why Indoor Earth was born - the passion to help plant lovers find the perfect outfit for their babies. We provide you with all the accessories you need to turn your plants from just a plant to a plant with style! Check out the wide selections and join the Indoor Earth family!