Style Your Plants With Household Items!

Plants bring so much color and life to any indoor or outdoor space - but don't ruin the aesthetic by sticking with the ugly dark green or black plastic pot it comes with. Get creative and make use of household items that might have probably gone to donation and turn them into decorative planters for your green babies! Keep reading- we'll show you how to get creative without having to spend extra money! 

1. Tea Cup 

Create a cute planter with any old teacup or coffee mug. Small plants like succulents, baby cacti, or baby aloe will be perfect for this teacup DIY project. Check out this YouTube tutorial video on how to make teacup planters from Dobbies Garden Centres.

 2. Glass Jars

Who doesn't love seeing the roots grow? We recommend using mason jars or any glass containers (like old pickle jars). You can find so many different tutorials on Youtube - here's one of our favorites by BudgetSavvyDiva.

3. Tin Cans

Ever wondered what you can do with the tin can after you finished eating your canned beans? Well, here's a thought - why not turn it into a plant pot? Watch Gardening expert, Katie Rushworth, on how to make up-cycled tin can planters on the YouTube channel, Silverline Tools.

4. Baskets

Line your cute basket with plastic before adding dirt to retain moisture. Perfect way to hang up your plants because most baskets already come with a handle! This tutorial from Green Plants will show you exactly how to start planting!

5. Fish Bowl

Fish bowls are great if you want a terrarium style planter. They make great planters because of the large opening for plants (so they can breath). Create layers with gravel and soil that you can see through the glass. Check out West Coast Garden's Videos to learn how to create a planter using a fishbowl.

6. Used Candle Container 

Now that your candle has finished burning, and your room no longer smells like eucalyptus, turn that pretty container into a planter! Make sure to clean out all the wax completely before you start planting your greens. This DIY tutorial by Freeway Creation will show you step by step instructions on how to transform your leftover candle container into a decorative planter. 


While DIY planter projects are fun and inexpensive to do, maybe you just don't have the time to do it yourself. At IndoorEarth, you can find already made planters, along with plant hangers, plant stands, and more to style your green babies with!